Tajmahal at Dubai

The Flow design studio associated with the international project of Dubai Taj. The Taj Arabia is the replica of the Taj Mahal that is synonym of token of love in Indian history. This themed project is constructed in the very famous destination of Dubai that is falcon city of wonders of Dubai in United Arab Emirates.  residential buildings that is boasted with total of 264 units. This is a mirror image of Tajmahal in the form of 20 storey glass building. This unique construction provides you the best gourmet experience under one roof. The additional beauty of this project is lush green environment and wonderful fountain and cascade stream that serves as a bygone era of splendor. Taj Arabia is a sort of themed project which has the mixed avor of luxury and is considered to become a royal development as well as wedding destination shaped in the form of legendary Taj Mahal. This is the wonderful themed project that s considered to be a perfect wedding destination in future. The area is approximately 200,00 square meters. This is a multi-dimensional project which comprises of two free holding