Development + Design + Project Management

When starting a project with Flow Design Studio, it makes no difference to us if your concept is a drawing on a napkin or a polished proposal. Flow Design Studio goes beyond design assistance and graphics support to provide tailor-made attention and management to full your project goals. Flow Design Studio’s years of experience working with a myriad of different entities— from institutions like museums or the national parks to artists and high-end corporate clients—has made us experts in successfully planning of all types of projects. By providing our clients with the tools to plan and execute the most particular details of their project, whether that be permitting, scheduling concerns, or detailed engineering, Flow Design Studio’s streamlined planning & design process offers our clients awless technical and logistical realization of each unique, creative vision.


Museums + Public Art + Sculpture

Using advanced fabrication techniques, Flow Design Studioenables artists and designers to realize their creative vision through the application of technical solutions. Our experience creating sculptures  exhibits, and outdoor and permanent public artworks in a variety of mediums, allows us to fulfill even the most challenging design, materiality, and use constraints—resulting in a beautiful, functional, and enduring final product. Whatever the medium, Flow Design Studiohas the expertise and capabilities to provide flawless physical manifestations of our client’s ideas, using custom solutions that run the spectrum from cutting edge machining technology, to the most detailed artisan craftsmanship and hand finishing. If you can dream—we can build it. Flow Design Studioalso strives to offer artist public artwork and exhibit services a crucial resource for when their newest projects outgrow their current studio capabilities. We’ve helped many artists in transition, and believe that an artist shouldn’t have to learn to be an expert woodworker, metallurgist, or have a larger staff in order to produce a quality piece of work.


Logistics + Rigging + Multimedia

Passionate about public artwork and exhibit services, Flow Design Studioutilizes sophisticated and advanced installation techniques, tailored to the specific logistical and aesthetic requirements of everything from kinetic sculptures and expansive displays, to substantial outdoor public artwork placement—with safety, design, and intention considered every step of the way.