Fountain Design

Shop our fountains! Whether you are looking for a beautiful fountain for your home or garden, our fountain galleries represent most imported collections of fountains, water features, piped statuary water fall fountains, and wall fountains. Our garden fountain collection also includes abstract sculptural pieces, for contemporary tastes, created by artists who choose to incorporate the dynamic of flowing water within the design to enhance an artistic statement. We also have a wide variety of large estate sized fountains, tiered fountains, and wishing well fountains that can serve as the signature piece to your garden or patio. For those with a quaint patio, we have decorative wall fountains that provide the benefits of a fountain without requiring the space. Of course the category “Garden Fountains” encompasses a delightfully diverse range of choices, spanning countless styles, sizes and mediums. Our Garden Fountains are arranged in sub-categories of price-ranges, sizes, piped water features, so if you need to begin your search with a budget in mind, don’t feel your choices are limited!