Polymer Sculpture

Collectors admire Polymer sculpture for both their lustrous beauty and their inherent fragility–a property which attests to the artist’s level of skill. For the most part, Polymer statues are the same as resin statues. Our skilled artists from all over the world create a variety of such clay figures and creatures, from blown glass sculptures to cold work sculptures. Browse our site to find the perfect work for you.

Polymer sculpture Technique

Made from the threads of glass, fibreglass is created by forcing molten glass through a sieve that spins it into threads. However, since the Polymer pours as a liquid, it reflects all the fine details of the mold. It is an ideal material for large sculptures because it is light enough that people can move statues made from it without the help of a crane. Fibreglass is also a much less expensive medium.

The flow design studio is proud to offer an extensive selection of Polymer statues and polymer clay sculpture art, For the most part, these Polymer works are scattered around in our various galleries.


Clay Sculpture Design