Marble Sculpture

Marble sculpture & Marble statue is the art of creating three-dimensional forms from marble.  Marble Sculpture is among the oldest of the arts probably the most popular material used in sculpture, marble’s translucency and durability has made it the medium of choice for all the greatest sculptors. All ancient civilization took marble to create marble artifacts. Our marble sculptures are the perfect dash for your needs. Flow design Studio are the best in marble murti market in jaipur as we gave huge kinds of marble sculptures according to your needs. If you are ready to take your decor to the next level. Then it is for you. Each piece is carefully carved. Final work on the statues will be amazing. Getting the ideal home decor is not easy but The Flow design studio will make it easy for you. Make an impact at your home with a marble statue. Our artists make it possible to create an exact replica of a classical sculpture. Bonded marble statue has practically same weight, look, and shapes.

 TECHNIQUE- Hammer and point work is the technique used in working stone. It consists of holding the pointed chisel against the stone and swinging the hammer at it as hard as possible. When the hammer connects with the striking end of the chisel, its energy is transferred down the length and concentrates on a single point on the surface of the block, breaking the stone. This is continued in a line following the desired contour. It may sound simple but many months are required to attain competency. A good stone worker can maintain a rhythm of relatively longer blows, swinging the hammer in a wider arc, lifting the chisel between blows to flick out any chips that remain in the way, and repositioning it for the next blow. This way, one can drive the point deeper into the stone and remove more material at a time. Some stoneworkers also spin the subbia in their fingers between hammer blows, thus applying with each blow a different part of the point to the stone. This helps prevent the point from breaking.