Composite Marble Sculpture

Composite marble is a combination of stone particles, combined with marble dust from real natural marble, polymer resins, pigments, strength polymers and gel coat to create realistic, natural-looking patterns that are durable, non-porous with spectacular veining patterns in brilliant colors. When designing a stone sculpture that is to be permanently displayed in public, I consider the scale, viewing angle, lighting and surroundings in order to ensure that the artwork has the most professional appearance. This becomes especially important with large marble sculpture that is designed to fit into established sites. Monumentality can be created through size or through visual impact, and by balancing these I strive to create a powerful and satisfying impression. This strong material is water and weather resistant and will not yellow over time. It doesn’t have bubbles, will not crack, and can be washed with most cleaning agents. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind indoor or outdoor composite marble, we invite you to browse our site for works to complement your style and space.