Metel Scrap Sculpture

We are a Jaipur  based company that offers you the most unique and extraordinary form of art.We offer the best quality and the most detailed pieces of Scrap Sculptures. All our sculptures are entirely made from recycled scrap metal. Our artists use car parts, motorcycle parts, nuts and bolts, spark plugs, nails and all different kinds of scrap metal. The parts contain basically everything you would find on a scrap yard and everything that is economically recyclable. Our goal is to provide an excellent way of economical and creative recycling of scrap metal. 

              The process of making a Scrap Sculpture

Before starting the creation of a Scrap Sculpture, our artists begin gathering ideas and drawing a concept. After having a concept the artists start collecting spare scrap metal parts.

Used car parts, motorcycle parts, spark plugs, nuts and bolts are collected for the Sculpture. Then the welding process begins and can, depending on size and details, take up to 4 months per piece.

After the scrap metal is welded into a master piece of art, a protective clear code is added to the Sculpture.