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Are you planning to establish a statue ? We as a Statue Maker would like to introduce ourself as statue maker in Jaipur who is involved in making marble and metal statue/sculptures like murti of Hindu god/goddess/religious statue making/ Human Statues Flow Design Studio provides a vast range of Statue products in different styles, colours, shapes and exporting and deals it throughout India & across the world. In our statues, you will see the ultimate combination of quality, price and value. In Hinduism, there is a practice of using the opportunity to bring the mind back to the divine. If devotees want to pay special oblation from a certain god so that their vibration can change circumstances in their lives.

Flow Design Statue Maker manufacture and exports a wide variety of statues of  Lord Ganesha, Buddha Bhagwan, Mahaveer Swami, Shiv Parivaar, Sainath (Sai baba), Radha Krishna, Vishnu Laxmi, Laxmi Narayan and other marble god idols & sculptures. We offer so many statues or idols in white marble, fibreglass and metal. They are properly carved, polished and painted by our best designers. Our company providing international standards for making 100% genuine product completely suitable for both indoor and outdoor.

The existence of these Statues and murtis bring a balance to devotee’s lives. But they can bring calmness and beauty to homes. We will beat every price with unbeatable quality. Apart from this we also made statues of Jain and Vaishnav god/goddess.

Types of Statue Making

Marble Statue Making :

Marble Statue Statue Maker

 Made in Jaipur marble Statues are in constant demand around the globe. It’s not only the statues but Artisans also are invited to various parts of the world for fine artwork. This fine artwork could be seen in various temples in the form of statues and carving work. Any Marble Statue or Artefact takes at least 14 days to finish totally depending upon the size of the Statue and Quality of Work. We are leading marble statue and moorti maker jaipur, rajasthan With Our top-notch Work,

Metal Statue Making:

Metal Sculpture Metal Statue Statue Maker 

Metal Statues are manufactured using high-grade raw material like brass steel etc. which is procured from the authentic vendors of the market. Owing to their features like smoothly polished surfaces, aesthetic designs, durability, smooth edges and intricate carving, these products are widely demanded by the clients. Clients can avail these products in various designs and patterns as per their exact requirements.

Fibre Statue Making :

Fibre statues come with great features. Fibre statues or Fiber sculptures have high strength and is of the lightweight. In compared to the weight ratio Fiber statues come in high strength and has long life shell. Fibre statues are easy to install and has a great smooth surface. Fibre statues have super impact resistance. Multiple colours can be used and come with UV resistant options. Fine detailing can be done on Fiber sculptures. Fibre statue is just the replica of the clay model, only the material is of fibre. Any sort of image can be portrayed through Fiberglass.

Fibre is basically a composite material which is made up of polymer and is reinforced with several kinds of fibre. These fibre Statues are usually made up of glass, carbon, basalt or aramid. The polymer which is used is usually comprised of polyester thermosetting plastic, phenol-formaldehyde resins, and epoxy or vinyl ester. When it comes to sculpture, Fiber refers to glass-reinforced material where synthetic resin acts as a binder.

Statue Making Process

  • According to desirable statue draws measurements on stone blocks.
  • Then, secondly using traditional hammer and nails large edges are removed and the first raw look emerges of what is going to be a classic piece.
  • Then again experienced Sculptors draw measurements to check if the edges are removed correctly and to work on details like expressions, the shape of the body, limbs etc.
  • As days past work gets tougher and finer.

Flow Design Studio is a leading Statue Maker, a supplier of Statue in India established in Jaipur with experience of around 20 years. Group of professional maintain the quality of the product and carved it in a beautiful structure. We design our products to match the international standards. We are the direct manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of Hindu god statue including marble Ganesha statue, marble Krishna statue, ram darbar, Marble temples and decorative marble items and metal & Glass Statues.